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Posted May 05, 2009 07:00pm

Each year I have without trying, noticed that the onset of winter (Samhain in celtic) has been an unusually potent time for me to retreat somewhat and honour my own spiritual path. This year is no different, the shift as to which elements are most active in the environment, makes it easy to withdraw from certain activity and focus on the world of spirit and divinity.   

As it gets cooler, as the hours of darkness lengthen, and the hum of Gaia slows, I notice I feel a need to spend more time chatting to my Angelic Guardian, Sam in meditation or on long walks. All my senses become over sharp, my sense of smell diabolically powerful. Walking my 2 Husky Dogs each evening I recognise which trees will draw them, due to the smell. The main advantage of this is an improved ability to recognise certain disease in my clients through smell.

My Clairaudient and clairvoyant channels seem to undergo an upgrade at this time of year. These changes plus the shift in the environmental elements has often creates upper respiratory discomfort for me. Thankfully I have learned not to let these changes create the serious health issues they so often used to in the early years. Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and winter eczema are thankfully now only past memories, thanks to the right herbs, aromatherapy and essences.

It is at this time of year that, as the veils between this and the otherworlds is more permeable that I get more clarity on my own life purpose, destiny and what I need to do to support it all over the next 13 lunar months.

Of course I honour the elemental shift in other ways by lighting some candles in our home in the evenings, thus helping my family to stay connected to elemental light and heat throughout the winter.

Filling bowls with pink lady apples, nuts, dried fruit and burning aromatherapy helps us stay connected to the abundance of earth and the air element as we naturally begin to spend more time indoors.

I relish the quieter closeness of my family in the winter and the company of friends after dinner parties by the fire.

I reluctantly say good bye to the jasmine, gardenia and orange blossoms so abundant in my garden through the warmer months and happily begin to watch the orange trees get fatter fruit on them.

The celts used to honour the dead and their ancestors at this time, which intrigeued me when I found this out. Because I have for as long as I can remember noticed that I more frequently and spontaneously get memory flashes of relatives and friends who I have lost during this time.

My clients seem to do it tougher during the winter and I call on many of the essences in my repetoire to help them continue to move forward on their personal journey.







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