Vibrational Essences and Elixirs for all your requirements Essential Energies Produces and supplies channelled Essences and Elixirs to support every man woman and child and their destiny.

About Essential Energies

Change your energy...that is your overall "light body frequency" and you change your world

Essential Energies is focused on creating & supplying the global community with elegant, powerful energy tools which facilitate the necessary change in individuals' light bodies, group energy frequency & environmental energy grids. Personal, spiritual & global evolution easily follow from there. 


Essential Energies' Essences and Elixirs are sourced from the vast, overriding archetypal energies which operate throughout creation. Archetypes are in fact the fundamental technology of creation. Our products are channelled vibrational essences & are more multilayered in effect than flower, shell & gem essences in most instances. They are also more powerful & long lasting in effect than many forms of energy healings & attunements generally available.

At Essential Energies we do not believe humans need "fixing" but we notice they often need re-integration (having all their soul structure aspects switched on, re-aligned & recalibrated to function more effectively.

Though subtle & gentle the resultant energetic, mental, physical & emotional changes & the evolution which we have noted in users of our essences & elixirs are profound.


Nevine Rottinger, 

Founder of Essential Energies.

Nevine Rottinger

My career to date has embraced the sciences, business, vibrational healing, radio psychic and teacher for spirit. I am also a wife and a mother. Vibrational essences have always been an important part of my Energy Healer's repertoire. In 1996 I had already been using flower essences and gem elixirs for a number of years when, I first clairvoyantly noticed Goddess energies in people's auras.

During the next 6 months Sam (my inner angelic guidance) taught me how to repair, activate and in some cases further develop the repertoire of Goddess energies, with which my clients habitually operated. At first I did this work "manually", so to speak, during channeled healings.

After having become more adept with this type of healing and quite familiar with a number of Goddess energies, Sam asked me to begin channeling the essence (unique energetic pattern) for each Goddess into bottles so others could access their healing without me having to be there. To retain their purity, the channelled energies bypass my personal energetics altogether. This was very different to any other range on the market at the time apart from some of the Alaskan Environmental essences which were similarily completely vibrational (channelled) with no residue of flowers or contact with any other physical source. 

Essence of the Starchildren were developed four years later in response to the recognition of hybrid Star bred humans and successful energetic support of these Starpeople and Starcildren whenthey attended my practice. Indigo, ADHD, Crystal, and Rainbow children as well as many adults with a myriad of unusual conditions and inexplicable symptoms were a sector of this group. The Starchild essences heped nourish the souls of many of these who are devoted to creating global social and environmental healing.  

In 2003 after almost six years of preparation, observation and clinical application I finally releasd the Akhbaka masculine elixirs to the market. Though I had seen these masculine energies in clients auras and manually enhanced or repared access to them during healing sessions, co-creating the elixirs with spirit took a lot of work. The process and the power of these energies are a wonder and a delight for me to this day. I was so shy of developing this range, yet I now realise how much it was needed in the community.

In 2006 I began work on the Elemental Elixirs range, to support those individuals with a strong Elemental aspect as part of their soul structure. They are often referred to these days as; Incarnated Elementals and Otherkin. The first Master kit was channeled on the Autum Equinox (Mabon) 2009. The official launch of the Elementals online occured at Samahain (start of winter) 2009.

I am currently developing two more ranges, one works with dreams and the other with angelic resonance. 

These days I focus a large portion of my proffessional time on educating practitioners and clients on the value and correct use of these vibrational essences and elixirs. My fondness for this powerful healing and self-developement tool is due to its simplicity and accessibility. I find it extremely reassuring to know that any one wishing to access the same healing, clarity and support, which I have seen benefit so many people, in my practice throughout the last 20 years can do so any time they wish.  Thanks to Practitioners using them, the internet, the global postal network and of course the powerful spiritual guardians who oversee these energies.  

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Essential Energies

Essential Energies is devoted to the ethical distribution of the highest levels of spiritual energy healing tools, esoteric knowledge and metaphysical training into the global community.... to help support  our world in becoming all it is meant to be: Loving, peaceful, free and forever evolving.

Essential energies achieves this through the distribution of products and services which are innovative, authentic and appropriate to the current level of global spiritual maturity.

This is the official website for Essential Energies, established 1998.

The information & suggested uses for these essences & elixirs is included for your interest & enjoyment. It does not replace or seek to discredit advice you may be receiving from professionals in the fields of medicine, law, finance etc.

The essences are designed to support you in creating a wholistic approach to your wellbeing. Theyare not meant to always stand alone in the personal or professional "tool kit" which you may have geared towards improving  self awareness, soul healing & personal empowerement.


Love & Light,

xxx Nevine