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Article - Goddess energy

Who needs goddess energy and why?

Every living human being, male or female has inherent attributes or traits which they utilise in day to day living. Some of these attributes are awe inspiring like faith or hope for example, whilst others seem more mundane like frugality or logical reasoning. Individuals will even describe themselves in terms of personal traits or attributes. For example you might hear someone describe themselves as an introverted dreamer or a romantic idealist.

In my work as an energy practitioner, through the last twenty years I have often clairvoyantly viewed the essence of a person's being (soul structure) as a collection of archetypal energies (inherent traits). These archetypal energies were visible to me as particular aspects of divinity which the person was tapping into. For example the trait of 'commitment' would appear to me in a person's soul structure as the Goddess Hera. This is very different to the commonly held view that personal traits are simply psychological or emotional aspects of an individual.

These archetypes (goddesses) usually corresponded very well with client's obvious traits and personal attributes. However during a session I would also often note, that some of the challenging or unresolved issues in their lives corresponded with the absence or underuse of a particular archetype (Goddess) in their soul structure. For example a person who historically found it hard to see a situation through to the finish line, usually had no Goddess Hera energy in their soul structure or for some reason it would appear weakened if it were there.

Over time with the guidance of my angelic helpers, who support all my channelled healing sessions with clients, I was introduced to particular and different Goddesses whenever they were to be of benefit to an individual. I would watch as a particular Goddess would then forge a link, 'a point of access' from which that individual could access her energy from that point on. Sometimes I would watch as her energy was simply strengthened in the client's field. Thirty six different Goddesses were introduced to me in this manner.

This sort of connection or reconnection was done 'one on one' for a number of years for my clients during healing sessions, before my angelic teachers taught me how to set up conditions for the goddesses to imprint a range of channelled essences with their same energies. When ingested in liquid form the essences set up a point of access to a Goddess and maintain that access as long as the essence is taken. Thus not only introducing the Goddess energy but strengthening its impact over time. Clients would often delightfully report how much more 'willing and able' taking the essences made them feel.

Therefore in answer to who needs to use Goddess energy? I believe; every man, woman and child who seriously wants to feel complete in themselves or has ongoing, maybe recurring issues in their lives, for which they don't feel adequately equipped for. I have also noticed, over the years how clients and practitioners have successfully used the 'Essences of the Goddess' to further their personal growth, their clarity and sense of uniqueness.

Every ancient scripture mentions that humans are created in the image of their creator. Here at last is an easy tool to help reawaken and strengthen your link to the source of all creation.

Using, 'Essence of the Goddess', is easy. First simply ask yourself; is there, a personal trait which although I know I possess, that I would like to enhance? Say for example you normally possess more courage than most, yet because of a certain current situation; you would like to further enhance this in yourself. Then you could look up the list of Goddesses on this site and be directed to the Goddess Valkyrie to achieve this. The rest is easy and quite worth the experience. Nothing can prepare one for the remarkable feeling of inner power and clarity which follows the support of a goddess in this manner.