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Article; Soulmates, twin souls, twin flames and twin spirit relationships.

Soul Mates, Twin Souls, Twin Souls and Twin Spirit Relationships.

It is true to say that every individual is related to others both at a physical, genetic level as well as at a spiritual level. Though the relationship may be very close as it is with family, where the genetics are so similar that physical features are rather similar as well as sometimes are certain mannerisms. It can also be very close, in fact intimate, at a spiritual level. People often speak of searching for their soul mate or meeting a certain someone that they felt certain familiarity or instantaneous connection towards. They may on occasion having met  someone, feel or say they were a “kindred spirit”.

In real terms we may all spiritually belong to the same family, the family of Prime Creator or God, however some seem more closely related to us than others. Let’s look at the various ways that souls may be related at a spiritual level and how this affects their relationship in the physical world, that is “The world of Men”.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand  soul relationships is to begin by visualising Prime creator; “the All”,  as a giant web or honeycomb made of extremely refined substance. Within “the All” are the spiritual origins and the spiritual substance  for all the souls within the Cosmos.  Now if you look at this refined honeycomb, you would have to notice that some of the individual cells within it are closer neighbours than others.

If we were to think of the individual cells as individual souls then you would begin to understand why certain souls in very close proximity, may seem more similar to each other and feel more familiar to each other than they might with others further afield. This is analogous to individuals who were brought up in the same village or country. The shared environment and substance they are made from(racial genetic similarity) creates a special bond and certain familiarity as well as some shared customs and beliefs.

The terms used by various people vary. However here are some useful concepts to help you understand the various types of inter-soul relationships and their most common expression (symptoms or patterns) when “spirit-kin” and “soul- kin” get together.

Soul mates are souls which are not similar in origin, substance or purpose, but which feel familiarity because of having shared many lives together previously. They normally have a healthy respect for the differences between them and a warm , strong , often emotionally balanced relationship. If their Akhbaka charts are investigated they often share a number of common archetypes. Their Goddess charts will usually be rather dissimilar. These relationships are often long lasting and generally peaceful. Rarely passionate, but deeply loving, because the individuals have learned love as opposed to having fallen in love at first sight. Paradoxically they may recognise a soul mate as their life partner on meeting yet be intrigued by the absence of feeling “swept off their feet feeling”.

Twin Souls are very similar souls. They can in fact be each other’s closest cell neighbour in the honeycomb representing Prime Creator. They are often immensely attracted to each other. Often meeting under extremely synchronistic conditions. There is a strong sense that they were always going to meet. They experience instant trust or repulsion when they first meet. If they do get along they have an almost obsessive relationship with each other. Often having an uncanny understanding of how each other ticks. If they happen to be intuitive, they usually experience amazing telepathic communication with each other. If one is sick the other will suffer similar symptoms even if they are separated by great distances and are unaware of each other’s predicament.  

With twin souls the Goddess charts are closely matched because they have similar soul requirements, experiences and ideals. Their personalities may be very different as might their cultural or educational background. Yet they feel similar to each other, like they have always been together. Some will believe that it is because they have been married or siblings in previous incarnations. This may or may not be so. However the feeling that the connection between them is very long standing is often present.

Twin souls may be strongly sexually attracted to each other even when they do not fit each other’s usual criteria. Sometimes the fervour and passion is short lived and enormous hurt occurs on both sides because the anticipation was so enormously electrifying. They usually fall in love quickly, yet the feeling is anything but superficial. It is intense and life-transforming. The biggest dilemma in such relationships is that normal boundaries seem hard to maintain. Because they are made of very similar soul substance the merging between their energy fields which is so exhilarating at the beginning can be smothering at times to one or both over time. They can be extremely possessive  and jealous around each other.

Sometimes twin souls will meet and be alarmed by the huge attraction if they are already happily married to another. They may try to resist getting to know each other because they are aware how dangerous the situation might become to their existing relationships if they pursued even a friendship. Occasionally braver, more aware individuals will form a relationship with some well defined parameters. Yet their telepathic ling will always remain strong and when they do get together, their synergetic fields, helps them create wondrous things for the benefit of all. 

The Twin  flame relationship is one where the two souls are part of the same cell, two halves of the one soul. They cannot bear to be apart  once they meet and if they should suffer permanent separation due to circumstance, they will rarely heal from the loss. Usually these are the couples where one passes away shortly after the other. Their relationships are similar to that of the twin souls only somewhat more intense. Sometimes the sense that they would be unable to live without each other creates fear and artificial boundary set up between them, if they are emotionally immature or unaware of the nature of such relationships. The essence of Isis from the “Essence of the goddess” range alleviates the intense fear of abandonment that can exist in these relationships.  These are the couples for whom time permanently stands still when they are with each other, not just on first meeting.

 Twin Spirit relationships are very rare. They do not always meet and they rarely live under the same roof. These individuals are not just of the same soul substance but of the same spiritual material. Sometimes they even share the same “elemental substance”(archetypes). So they are not just neighbouring cells nor distant relatives, like soul mates. They are those who are spiritually conscious enough that their awareness of who they are encompasses their awareness of the primary chunk of “The All” that they are in relation to each other, right down to the single cell element( individual soul).  So to continue the analogy of the honeycomb, they are 2 halves of the whole honeycomb.

They  are extremely efficient  together. They forge strong links which are very long lasting without ever having met sometimes. There are often physical reasons why they cannot spend extended periods together. They may live on different continents, planets or be in excellent  marriages already.

It seems that this is the usual karmic set up, because they are so similar and complementary to each other that their interaction resemble the whole of creation when they are together. Its wondrous and all encompassing in nature.

They are usually extremely self sufficient in themselves and more so when they are together as a unit. This reduces their interaction with individuals outside the relationship. “Why leave home when you have everything you need there already” so to speak. So perhaps if they were always together, there would not be enough individual interaction with things  or people outside the relationship for certain types of growth to occur.  

However in some cases such individuals do get together if they are quite spiritually aware and function as a seamless organic unit, which does interact with the world of matter, learning different sorts of lessons and achieving great things. The magnetic attraction between them may be such that they are inseparable. Sex is an exercise in divine worship as well as enormously physically satisfying.  

Sometimes people meet and feel a closeness which does not match the sort of experience they are having in the physical. He may catch himself knowing exactly how much butter she likes on her toast yet he has only just met her. The most likely reason for this “knowing” is that this couple may be lovers in an alternative reality, whilst in this life she will just be his bank manager and he will keep going back to her just because it is always so immensely and strangely satisfying. These relationships benefit from “Elf” essence from the Elemental elixirs range to help them stay grounded to what is happening in their current dimensional reality.

Finally it is important to realise that a great many relationships are forged between individuals who do not have a remarkable spiritual link. In these cases, the individuals have gotten together because they are equipped to provide each other with certain karmic opportunities for growth. These relationships, depending on the karmic reason they got together, range from “the relationship from hell” to “this is pleasant enough but we don’t share that much apart from a mortgage together”.  



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