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Goddess Essences

What is the essence of the Divine Feminine?

When you feel inside yourself a great excitement, power and knowledge, you are experiencing a connection to all "that is" AND the Goddess. The Goddess is the feminine face (aspect) of the Creator. She has created, sustained and loved all that exists forever and always. She is within and without all of us whether we are male or female. We can all speak to Her, hear Her and feel Her deep in our soul. There is never a time in our life when we cannot reach Her and receive Her love, guidance and support. As we continue on our planet's collective spiritual evolution, in this the new millenium, She is making herself more readily available to all of us in new ways. Her essences are simply a tool or a key, helping to invite us to reconnect to Her devine energy in a conscious manner. The rewards to us, for embracing all She has to offer in such a manner are vast. They include deep self-acceptance, immense healing, power, peace and joy.

Introduction to the Goddess Essences

From earliest times in history, mythology documented the various aspects (personalities) of the Divine Feminine Energy.

In mythology the stories illustrated her various traits for our understanding. We could then feel more intimate, more aware of her presence everywhere we looked. Including within us. Later Carl Jung a famous psychologist stated that the combined experiences of human kind were contained in the collective unconscious mind. Below the layers of everyday awareness lay many strata of knowledge from generation upon generation. According to him myths were a personalisation of what were universal patterns of being. These patterns were inherent within us all and were part of the collective unconscious. For example Demeter, the great Earth mother of mythology was simply a presentation of an inherent pattern of "being" within humans, which we all readily recognise (The Mother).

I first got invited by my higher self (SAM) to clairvoyantly look at the archetypal energy and the dimension where it exists, about five years ago. I was a little surprised by what I saw. Up till then my work as an intuitive healer and teacher had led me to believe that spirit was essentially androgynous.

I'd believed that they only ever presented themselves to us as male or female to build up rapport. My investigation however revealed that this level of creation or "dimension", contained within it the "formless forms", we call archetypes. These patterns of energy were also the basis or origin for physical gender, mythology and archetypal psychology.

These archetypal energies were not just emotional patterns psychological traits or a collective memory. They were in fact aspects of the Divine Creative Spirit, which interacts with out physical form. Inviting growth, awareness and spiritual evolution. For example, when a Hera woman gets angry with her husband for being unfaithful, she is at that point simply a channel for the aspect of the Creator which challenges us to grow by promoting bonds between men and women which are stable and persevering. Consequently, both she and her husband grow from the experience. And their experience in turn refines the archetypal energy of Hera (as stored in the Akashic files).


Special features and benefits of the Essence of the Goddess:

  • Unparalleled understanding of your Essential self and the contract you drew up with yourself this life in relation to that which you wish to accomplish.
  • Using the essences is simpler and more effective than invoking the power of a particular Goddess in our life. It creates a direct, clean channel from their source into our energy system, which does not require upkeep once it has been activated.
  • They heal the feminine part of a woman or man's psyche (anima), through the use of potent archetypal energies.
  • They help to reconnect the individual to the feminine face of the Creator, (as experienced internal and external to the individual).
  • They promote a deep understanding and acceptance of the true nature of the feminine principle and its purpose.
  • They provide a detailed and universal system (based on archetypal energy), which contributes to our overall map of physical, psychological and spiritual human makeup.
  • They affect healing at all 16 levels of the aura and their corresponding chakras (refer table 1).
  • They promote clarity and fulfilment of life purpose and personal destiny.
  • They heal physical and emotional trauma both present and karmic.
  • They facilitate spiritual evolution up to the goddess level of same.
  • They self regulate to suite the individual's needs.
  • Due to their complex nature (vibrational pattern) a diverse and generous amount of issues are addressed through a relatively small number of essences.