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Attributes Index-Elemental Elixirs


Indications and benefits of use;


Health; general health improvement, bone marrow, pre-matter. Pre-disease states or early signs of disease. Genetic predisposition to certain disease.

Environment; pre-matter and dark matter of physics and cosmology. Creating empty space in your environment.

Emotional; vital emptiness.


Health; balancing and energising to all acupuncture meridians and Nadis. Keeping DNA healthy.

Environment; For use in heavy, dark looking spaces (despite lighting).

Emotional;  lightness of being


Health; Brain and mental health. Learning issues.

Environment; maintains the spirit of learning in educational centres, libraries etc.

Emotional; feeling eager and safe to learn.

Spiritual; assists in clearing ancestral and group type karma.


Health; Realigns subtle energy bodies after general anaesthesia, trauma or surgery.

Environment; Helps clear haunted houses or heavy traffic environments (Space Clearing)

Spiritual; Psychic protector and aid to manifestation.


Health; General Healer, somewhat like a tonic, though particularly beneficial in Multiple Sclerosis.

Environment; For environments which always seem uneasy. Maintains the invisible Etheric Grid.

Emotional; Feeling together as opposed to frayed inside or out. 


Health; useful where organ or tissue damage has occurred and needs to regenerate.

Environment; Where the natural environment needs to regenerate.

Emotional; For creating a sturdy emotional body, for strength of purpose and a more powerful presence.

Spiritual; improves and supports an inherent Devic soul alignment within an individual of that alignment. 


Health; disrupted or bad dreams.

Environment; Homes or offices where things are rarely achieved with effortless ease.

Emotional; Imaginative approach to life, effortless creation.

Spiritual; Creative Intuitivist, (helps you see what you could create).


Health; General well-being. Lessens formation of scarring if taken during healing stage. Also for when we are having to spend too much time indoors and feel. 

Environment; Redesigning a space. Great aid to gardeners and sick plants.

Emotional; Redesigning life after major upheaval. New connections

9. ELF

Health; spontaneous healings

Environment; chaotic environments and paradoxically stagnant ones.

Emotional; opening up options. Emotional re-patterning.

Spiritual; Divination, Tarot


Health; general wellbeing especially body joint disease. Physical coherence in the body.

Environment; for areas with lots of power lines. Living in low or strange magnetic field areas around globe. Living near where Ley line cross or disruption occurs.

Emotional; magnetic attractions. Attracting your life mate, soul mate etc.  


Health; maintains nerve cells responsible for sensory perception and emotional perception. May alleviate depression, delusion and being disillusioned.

Environment; Could calm chaotic patterns if enough of us used it.

Emotional; Checking desires against realistic probability. May alleviate depression, delusion and being disillusioned.


Health; Bone health, growth and density. Strong Teeth. Chemical balance in the body.

Environment; Minerals, metals, crystals and other elements of the earth. Protects precious recourses of the earth.

Emotional; Stability and grounding.


Health; Cravings which signal the body’s need for depleted minerals, vitamins and certain food groups. For chronic fatigue

Environment; For those who do not feel energised by spending time outdoors or in daylight. For those whose thoughts spontaneously control the elements.

Emotional; Those who ignore their needs and desires. Discourages energy thievery and protects you from “Energy drain” from others.  For those who seek “a blood tie” or a deep soulful union with others.

Spiritual; Repairs the energy conversion mechanism in an individual so they can transform clean universal Prana or Chi for their own system.


Health; photosensitivity, sleeplessness on dark moon. Balances melatonin levels in the body.

Environment; Homes where lots of things go missing.

Emotional; Those who fear being away from the spotlight (centre of attention). Dealing with annoying mishaps. Bing able to compare options or paths so as to make choices.

 Spiritual; for access to wormholes in the fabric of the time/space fabric of creation (for magick). 


Health; Slows down disintegration as we age. Poor grounding indicated by spinning head, light headedness, feeling faint and headaches. Promotes healthy bone corpuscles.

Environment; Earth element. Soil issues. Apartment living.

Emotional; impracticality.


Health; Those who feel physically unwell or restless in certain places.

Environment; For sharing a dwelling with individuals with very different living habits.

Emotional; Those who still seek a place on earth they would call home.


Health; Those who find it a lot of work keeping well hydrated. Those careless or oblivious to their bodies hydration requirements. Some types of oedema or Hypertension.

Environment; water issues, for example blocked pipes, damp, water leaks etc. Which seem to defy the plumbers skill. For urban dwellers with lousy water supply


Health; “Cool” metabolism or digestion. Feeling unusually cold.

Environment; Buildings which feel unusually cold. Those with recurring car battery and home heating issues.

Emotional; Emotionally aloof or lifeless.


Health; can help all breathing and oxygenation issues in the body. Racing thoughts.

Environment; Places with a tendency to have stagnant air or that have no open windows (only air conditioning). Also for very windy dwellings.

Emotional; Those who tend to hold their breath in life. For when we need an emotional “breath of fresh air”.


Health; Those who tend to attract violence or bullying. For protecting open wounds.

Environment; The ultimate property protector, from theft or invasion.

Emotional; Those who fear emotional abuse or tend to attract it.


Health; Transformation, near death-experiences, “immortality”(those given a very bad medical prognosis) 

Environment; places requiring complete overhaul (knock down and rebuild).

Emotional; Allowing yourself to be the winner, the one and only etc.

Spiritual; Alchemy


Health; Those who feel physically ill in certain people’s company.

Environment; Protects you from invasion of privacy.

Emotional; Promotes more discernment in our choice of relationships.


Health; to detoxify and purify the body.

Environment; protects you from pollution, food additives, media junk, government  infringements on your rights etc

Emotional; retaining your wild untameable, unequivocal core. Believing in yourself.

Spiritual; protector of the soul.


Health; Maintains internal furnace of the body.

Environment; Hot formulating, shaping, structuring processes in nature.

Emotional; Protects our soul’s focused intent from transient emotion and circumstances.

Spiritual; removes etheric cords and bindings used by others to affect and disturb our energetic field, our well being and our free-choice. 

25. MUSE

Health; For burn out after an intensely creative time or project

Environment; for design studios, writer’s dens, creative- arts school etc

Emotional; eases the artists’ frenzy during a project. Removes creative blocks. Protects the artist from infatuation with his muse.

Spiritual; Surrendering to our creative spirit and its process.


Health; cellular healing (rejuvenation, re-structuring, function), skin rashes, scars, cancers...

Environment; healing the environment at the most minute level.

Emotional; detailed and focused attention.

Spiritual; detailed creation.  


Health; converting diseased areas to wellness,(without need to destroy or remove diseased bits)

For example Tumours that fade on scans without medical intervention after energy healing.

Useful to body builders, toning and shaping and for teenage body changes.

Environment; For those who feel agitated, heightened awareness or uncomfortable in their body, especially on the full moon.

Emotional; For when you need to shift your emotions elegantly.

Spiritual; For etheric, mental, ectoplasm shifts. For true Shape-shifters.


Health; seeking and using whatever keeps us feeling well. For when we despair of fining the “cure”

Environment; Areas rich in natural recourses, shopping areas, banks....

Emotional; Changes feelings of lack to treasure seeking and abundance.

Spiritual; treasure within our being


Health; for well running medical gadgets, scanners, pace-makers, exercise equipment.

Environment; for malfunctioning, machines, gadgets, programmes and gizmos.

Emotional; remaining calm when breakdowns occur.


Health; Sluggish or malfunctioning elimination systems in the body.

Environment; Messy homes, gardens, offices...creates motivation to do housekeeping in inhabitants.

Emotional; Tying up your emotional loose ends and getting rid of your emotional baggage.

31. MIST

Health; When we just cannot see what  the road to wellness looks like.

Environment; For those who live in areas with frequently occurring, mist, fog and cloud.

Emotional; Coming to terms with what we cannot fathom yet, the uncertainty or mystery in our life.

Spiritual; Remaining open to futures we cannot yet see. Working with present range of circumstances.


Health; For when your palmist tells you your life line is far shorter or frayed on your right hand compared to left hand. Also if your right fate line has taken a turn for the worst on the right hand.

Environment; Times and places in our lives when we feel at an important junction, a sense that fate is in the room.

Emotional; Being emotionally present, being happy with right here and now.


Health; recovering from frost bite, hypothermia, and disease worse in cold climate.

Environment; Work environments where ideas need to be crystallised as part of the course. For those finding it hard to live in cold, frosty environments for long periods.

Emotional; cooling down, slowing down overheated emotion. Makes room for emotional clarity. 


Health; conditions worse in damp, humid weather.

Environment; For those living in low or high rain areas. Especially for non-natives.

For Draught areas as well as to ease floods.

Emotional; Those who are depressed or irritable in humid or damp weather.


Health; For biorhythms, evens out slumps and highs. Also for hormonal crests and troughs.

Environment; Tidal pools ecological balance.

Emotional; emotional balance and courage during feast and famine in our lives.


Health; Those who feel agitated during lightning storms or have been struck by it recently.

For those with poor nerve conduction, irregular electrocardiograph.

Environment; Inhabitants of regions prone to storms, especially lightening.

Emotional; for those afraid of lightning and thunder storms. To facilitate spontanous emotional release without traumatic catharsis.


Health; Instantaneous cures by simply wishing it upon ourselves.

Environment; Deserts and dusty places. Places where wishes come true like charities, benevolent societies.

Emotional; having our wishes granted. Believing we can have what we want and wont regret it.


Health; When we need bed rest or reduced activity till healing occurs.

Environment; When we live far from or spend little time in parks and near large trees.

For diseased trees. For transplanted trees.

Emotional; for the readiness to find the right location or conditions to make an idea or a project work.


Health; clarity on the emotions causing your disease.

Environment; for when don’t have regular time by lakes, streams and pools of water.

For polluted water bodies.

Emotional; Mirrors back your emotional patterns, wants and preferences.

Keeps you clear on the emotional needs of those close to you.

40. GIANT (previously named Titan)

Health; maintaining healthy body weight.

Environmental; For those who love to spend time in the great outdoors but cannot always do so.

Helps us stay connected to the great mountains, canyons, oceans etc.

Emotional; Stops you sweating the small stuff so you can conquer the huge challenges of life more easily.


Health; Life affirming attitudes. For allergies to pollen and flowers.

Environment; Flower filled environments. Inviting more flower faeries to live in your garden.

Emotional; believing in ease and joy of living. Lightness of heart.


Health; elemental balance in the body.

Environment; Climatic, ecological imbalance.

Emotional; Emotional growth, emotional balance and integrity. 

Spiritual; Ascension.


Health; Frigidity, impotence, infertility.  

Environment; Areas of environmental degradation or destruction. Dying forests or bushland. 

Emotional; Taking risks, living a little wildly, sexual tension and release.

Spiritual; Connecting to spirit through nature and sexuality.


Health; Easy, gracious, effortless deaths. Bowel regularity.

Environment; Palliative care units, hospital units and hospices.

Emotional; Emotional preparation for one’s own or another’s death.

Spiritual; Supportive of Ghost Removalists and exorcists


Health; Headaches or shooting pains which occur in certain environments or certain individuals.

Supports a body shape which accommodates your soul structure and not the dictates of fashion.

Environment; Uneasy environments

Emotional; Self love and acceptance

Spiritual; Feeling connected to Prime Creator.


Health; Promotes a good night’s sleep.

Environment; Sleepy towns and suburbs.

Emotional; Promotes emotional balance in those sleep deprived. 

Spiritual; Harmony and co-operation between the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious minds.

Enhances liminal consciousness.


Health; Promotes stamina.

Environment; Unfavourable environmental conditions

Emotional; Promotes emotional endurance.

Spiritual; Spiritual momentum. 

48. ANZU

Health; Recurring health issues. 

For those given a “no hope” medical prognosis. 

Environment; When you feel your life circumstances just do not fit or suit your deeper aspirations.

Emotional; When feeling trapped or angry with ones fate.

Spiritual; Karmic healing and re-patterning . 






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