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As a survivor of physical,emotional,sexual and spiritual abuse, I have sought and experienced many forms of healing.Through this and my own determination and endeavour, I have grown and become more whole.       

On this journey I was guided to Nevine at Essential Energies and continued with her assistance on my path to recovery. It took some while however, before i chose to use "Essence of the Goddess" vibrational essences. The positive difference and spurt in my sense of stability and wholeness has been profound. I am now more able, more regularly to equitably deal with day to day eventualities, which for much of my life, would have caused me distress, disorientation and affected my thinking ability. For this progress, I am most grateful.

JDH (NSW, Australia)


When I first started using the essences, my practitioner told me that my life will change beyond my comprehension.  She said to imagine where you will be and want to be in 6 months and then a year from now, and to remember to occasionally look back and acknowledge the huge changes.  She too was on her own journey and was a few years into taking her essences and reporting the significant changes as a result of the essences.  Initially I thought I would not be able to remember to take them, or I would be too busy.  They are almost predictive of what is to come regarding the next few weeks depending on who comes through.  I have now taken the essences for nearly 9 years and do not recognise the person I was (probably a good thing!) I have my own stock, make my own blends, and not a day passes without benefiting from these little bottles of magic.  

By Doctor Claire Taylor  MBChB (Edin), AMC, MS (transplant), FRACS (Urology)


I feel more grounded in my body.Also sensation and strength have returned to my legs, thanks to the essence of Gaia.

Stephen Bruce (Sydney, Australia)



The workshop was a turning point in my life.Taking the essences has allowed me to "feel comfortable in my skin"for the first time in my life

Laura Frangecomo (Australia)



The Akhbaka elixirs have been an integral and constructive part of achieving and maintaining my peace of mind.

Don Brockman, (business consultant, Sydney)



The elixirs dont make you run faster or jump higher, each elixir works on different emotions and aids in encouraging and embracing elements, which are weakened at the time. The repetitiveness of taking the elixirs reminds me of the reason why I am taking them in the first place, which is to further emphasise the work i do on my aura and emotions.

Rowan Isaacs, General Manager, promotional company, NSW 



When I finally combined the "Akhbaka Elixirs" with my "Essence of the Godess", it was like coming home. The long awaited union of my inner masculine and feminine had just been catapulted to another level. Since that time my process of inner merging, has deepened in the most subtle, profound and miraculous ways.

Diana Caleja, Psychotherapist and spiritual healer, NSW 


I have known of Nevine Rottinger for over 12 years. I first heard of her whilst studying Metaphysics. Nevine was working as a metaphysics healer at the time. I had heard that her skills as a metaphysics practitioner and healer to be exceptional. It was not until six years ago that I finally met Nevine at the introduction to her Flagship essences "The essences of the Goddess". At the introduction I was very impressed with the scope of understanding in working with Spirit Nevine uses. 

I was struck by her professionalism and the level of research she had undertaken to ensure the product she was introducing was referenced in the physical world, the scientific as well as the metaphysic world to enable the user to have a balanced view of how the essences work as well as knowing the benefits of using them.

I have observed Nevine in many roles. As a teacher she offers a broad scope of information to her audience & is willing to listen to and evaluate their input or their questions. The topics of Metaphysics she teaches are many & varied. Nevine has a Science degree and this arena of her life holds great interest for her. Nevine has immense trust in the world of spirit and it is here where I notice Nevine is not swayed by opinion as stays in tune with the guidance from Spirit.

by Leone Ziade, 

Healer, Counsellor, Intuitive, Energy Practitioner 

Sydney, Australia

"Thankyou Nevine for showing me my true self within. I'm enjoying my connection with my higher self and the heightened awareness of my intuition. I use them on a daily base to guide me in my life. Your Star Child, Goddess, Elementals and Akhbaka Essences have been very helpful to my children and I in times of need."

Leonie S, NSW, Australia (Teacher, Aromatherapist, Energy Healer)


Thank you, Nevine (and your group) for improving my health so much. In fact about 4 weeks after I saw you my GP needed me to take a full body examination. He found my health much better.  He had a huge smile all over his face. (He's been my doctor for about 40 years.) It seems that your holistic approach to health pays big dividends, giving a fuller, happier, more productive life. 

I have been very ill for a very long time  it is so good to feel I actually have a life.  By Jan W. from Northern Beaches Sydney, Australia


After placing a bottle of Sirians in my under-bed drawer, I noticed the room stopped spinning when turning-in for the night and upon waking in the morning. This is something I’ve experienced all my life and thought to be quite normal. I never imagined an essence could create a change without even being consumed. I feel this essence has improved my grounding and sense of balance. 

Nick (Martial Arts Instructor, NSW)