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Feng-Shui Cures using the Elemental Elixirs


Our homes, offices and public places are subject to fluctuating energy levels in response to how, we the inhabitants use the space.  Most cultures have a system whereby elements of the natural environment, both seen and unseen are utilised to clear or enhance the energy in dwellings or living space. These days we tend to refer to these systems by a the almost universal term; Feng Shui.

The purpose of such practices is to create living spaces which are energetically able to support  the physical and emotional well-being of the inhabitants.

One can place a fountain or a dish of water in an area in need of emotional cleansing or to act as a Cure (an access point) to alleviate an area depleted in water element. This article will suggest how various elemental elixirs can also be used as cures, thus redressing elemental imbalance for Feng-Shui purposes.  

Pagans and Native Americans amongst others have  for a very long time honoured the four cardinal directions of the compass, North, South, East and West and the elemental energies they represent. This has been done in their living spaces to promote balance, wholeness and personal integrity.

The East has been taken to represent the air element and new beginnings. The south represents the Fire element and exploration. The west direction represents the water element and transformation.  The north direction has represented the element of Earth and Rest The horizontal West-East axis has represented the formative receptive feminine aspect of creation. Whilst the vertical North-South axis has represented the active, conceptual aspect of creation. Ether the element of spirit has usually been represented by the heavens (sky) or central location in a space. A void or empty space can also represent ether.

For homes or offices where one of the directions is blocked in some way, say where there are no windows in the east to allow access to the air element one could burn aromatherapy, place a wind chime or place feathers. However where these cures may be impractical or the inhabitants require more assistance, using the Sylph elixir from the Elemental range of Elixirs provides an easy and highly effective solution. It is best for the inhabitants to ingest the prepared elixirs on a regular basis.



Elemental elixirs to support access to the Elemental Directional powers;  


East; Sylph elixir

South; Salamander elixir, Dragon elixir

West; Undine elixir

North; Gnome elixir

Heaven; Ether elixir



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