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Some thoughts on the benefits derived from using the Elemental Elixirs and why.

Living life on your own terms may seem elusive to you if you do not support yourself in that endeavour. To derive more meaning and feel a stronger sense of achievement within your life, you generally need to understand yourself well, so that you can accept who and all that you are. From there, it is a natural progression you will notice, that your  “world of substance”  will reflect your true nature and not the limited beliefs you may have had about yourself.

Mystics, Seers and prophets have always alluded to the concept that we are each of us not only a divine and unique aspect of overall creation but that we are also co-creators of the same. Some religious scriptures speak of man as being “created in the image of God”, thus implying not just a similar appearance, but a powerful creative nature. A creative nature not just capable of manipulating physical matter but co-creative of it, it would seem.

So it would follow that; that if we compared ourselves to a highly sophisticated camera, then the quality of the image (metaphorical of our physical reality) which we produce with this same camera, may be limited by our understanding of its various components and our ability to manipulate all its features and functions. It could also be limited by the running order (functioning) of the camera itself or the integrity of its various components. So if you were to think of the elemental structures within you, in the same way as the components within the camera. You could then understand these elixirs as a tool which both supports and enhances the perfect integrity and functioning of the elements (components) within you, that make- up your physical body, subtle energy bodies, physical environment, and the “other-worlds” of your existence.


Tool for Practitioners

For Energy practitioners and intuitive councillors who have become nothing more than pseudo psychologists or who believe that all disease stems from an emotional dysfunction  these elemental elixirs serve as a reminder and an opportunity to address issues within their clients energy fields which are more fundamental in nature.

For magicians who believe that their magic is only as good as the technique, ritual or their focus, here is a tool to enhance your “inherent resonance” as a “living portal” to that which you seek to manifest in the physical world of substance.

For the medical profession, these elixirs are a humble offer of a tool to extend your “limited masculine” (in that it is only Newtonian and Cartesian) approach to healing.














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