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I am often asked; what makes archetypes so important anyway, as clients register the powerful healing and growth which occurs by taking the Archetypal essences and elixirs we produce. I am probably, also often asked; what is an archetype? I would like to answer the second question first because that will begin to shed light on the inherent importance of archetypes in life and lead on to their importance in self development and general wellbeing. 

In Psychology an Archetype is usually defined as; "a universal pattern of being within the collective unconscious". That could be rephrased as; a universal, recognizable pattern which operates within the unconscious mind which is somehow, somehow shared by all humans.   

For me as a clairvoyant /energy therapist of 25 years, I understand an archetype to be; a recognizable, major fractal energy force field, which exists within and impacts upon the whole of creation, including humans. So these energy fields are Divine in origin and certainly not restricted to the unconscious mind of humans but actually Divine-operated programs which affect everything in the cosmos, including the Super- conscious mind of humans.

When I first began to clairvoyantly perceive these archetypal energy fields many years ago, I quizzed my angelic teacher and mentor Sam, as to how they operated within creation. The answer came back in the form of images, as well as in conceptual terms and could be summed up as follows. An archetype is in fact a part/aspect of the "whole" which has identity and effect. It is in fact an aspect of Prime Creator himself/herself and therefore permeates and affects the whole of creation. My angelic teacher often refers to the Creator as "the whole" or "the everything". 

So, with this in mind, it becomes easier to understand why the archetype of Set (from Akhbaka elixirs) for example, can be observed in numerous places in nature, our society as well as humans. It could be seen present within a client at, whose Karmic challenge this life, is to achieve something within an uncommonly restrictive set of circumstances. You could also witness the force field of Set, operating when someone says “no” to something or someone. It is also evident in nature when blood sugar levels only rise to a certain level before insulin will regulate that level. It is obvious everywhere you look that Set (limits and limitations) can and do exist in humans, our society and the natural environment. Even in a place like Egypt, (my birthplace), where traffic lights are often ignored. People will stop and choose not to run over a pedestrian. In that instance they ignore an imposed limit and honor an internal, humane and self-imposed limit. Trees have an upper growth limit. Animals have a certain life span and so on...  

It follows therefore, that if an archetype is a major “directive program” or “massive fractal operating force field” within the whole cosmos, that having “right access” to that energy is an extremely favorable condition for us as humans. We are therefore, not just here going to merely fix a dysfunctional unconscious mechanism but become more functional across a vast field of natural  influence by using archetypal essences. Psychology was a little short sighted in its assumption it seems, but nonetheless aware of the influence of archetypes on humans in a collective sense.

This understanding of archetypal energies makes it easy to understand why a truly comprehensive and successful Archetypal essence must be channeled from Divine Source and not just concocted up from a half dozen flower, gem or other essences. The inherent energy signature of just a few flowers or gems may have elements of an overriding Archetypal pattern in nature but it does not contain the full content of vibrations which make-up the full archetypal  program “written” by Prime Creator.

Interestingly and what still continues to delight me as a practitioner and essence producer. Is that having the right access to these divine archetypes and supporting the ones inherently more dominant in our soul structure as individuals. Produces a move in clients away from “there is something wrong with me, needing fixing” to, “I am ok with me and my life and now feel on track”.  Taking the archetypal essences we habitually get drawn to or selected by a specifically trained practitioner, on an ongoing basis, activates the specific major energy programs we each need, to function perfectly, internally and externally. So we may achieve our personal destiny and life’s purpose with greater ease and clarity.


 Copyright article by Nevine Z Rottinger 2009