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Article - Starpeople and Starchildren

Starpeople and Starchildren here to help save our planet

Lately everyone seems worried about global warming, melting ice caps and that elusive world peace.

However if you look around there is a whole breed of young people on the planet, not just talking doom and gloom, but who are getting on with the job of sorting out the mess. They are deeply motivated in bringing about change socially, economically and towards our attitudes to the environment. They stand out at school, they refuse to soak up the old paradigms, they seem to have learning problems or are they in fact, simply not interested in the things previous generations were so hung up about. They challenge authoritarian figure who are not motivated from a heart or an altruistic place within themselves. They may suffer from allergies to petrochemicals, food additives and other harsh substances in the environment. This in turn makes the rest of us ask: why do we need all this toxic stuff in our food, our water and air for anyway? They don't seem more sympathetic towards the hardships their own race or national group face. They really seem to belong to a new world where the colour of your skin is only important in so far as how it will need to be taken into account when taking a group photo so than no one is over or underexposed.

If you are such an individual, who knows that we choose how to help our planet thrive through every word, thought and deed. If you don't know how you know, but you do somehow know, that 'saving the planet', simply requires a commitment to world peace, clean air, clean water, healthy plant, animal and aquatic life. If you then naturally find yourself daydreaming of this 'better world' as already being not only within our grasp, but almost a foregone conclusion. Yet you are still humble enough to do what it takes through personal although often seemingly insignificant daily actions then you are no doubt a Starperson. Starpeople are those on our planet at this time who have incarnated with an inherent awareness of what earth needs at this time and are prepared to do what it takes to achieve it.

Starpeople usually feel really different, like they have come from another planet or star system. They just cannot seem to fit in no matter how hard they try. It seems they actually have come from all over the cosmos, bringing with them knowledge and experience previously gathered on other planets in previous lifetimes on how to tackle issues of overpopulation, depleted natural recourses, wars and ecological toxicity. It is a shame that in our ignorance and arrogance we label Starpeople and Starchildren, including the Indigos, Crystal and Rainbow Kids as learning disabled, rebellious or as having attention deficit syndrome. We occasionally even believe they are mildly autistic.

Next time you stand next to a Starperson complaining how cold it is, how unconnected and bad at sharing everyone feels and why they hate it when their boss insists they adhere to ridiculous timetables and deadlines. Smile sympathetically and gratefully. Chances are you have just had a conversation with a Starperson who probably feels awkward in our world but who is still unconsciously committed to living a new and necessary for our planets survival. Whilst you are their take a moment to notice how differently their energy field (aura) vibrates compared to other resident 'earth dwellers'.

For Those who understand that our reality as we know it is comprised of a universal field of energy it will make sense when I say that the most important thing Starpeople bring to our planet is in fact themselves. The resonant vibration of a Starperson's energy field offers an alternative and new vibration to the overall energy field we call earth. Like an alternative piece to a puzzle they allow a new picture to be formed. Starpeople offer the missing or new vibrations to the overall picture or matrix which can help create the new Earth and reality.

Though by the time they are young adults most Starchildren have learned to cope with their 'strangeness', every parent, grandparent and teacher should watch out for these Starchildren. Learning to identify them is the first step, learning to understand and support them the second. Lastly being receptive to where they can take our world is probably the most important thing we can do as a community. So relax and open your mind and your heart and you might successfully get out of their way as they usher in the change everyone else is seeking.

For some practical guidelines and information on appropriate vibrational essences to support this group, refer to Essences of the Starchildren section of this website.