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Article; The Difference between Flower,Gem, Vibrational and Channelled Essences.

Article; How do flower, vibrational , gem and channelled essences differ.
I had to laugh today when I had three inquiries which all began with words to the effect; “so what sort of essences do you think I need.... Channelled, Vibrational, Gem or Flower ones”?  Then I remembered that whenever I get three messengers in quick succession delivering a very similar message, the synchronicity of such an occurrence is usually a push from Spirit for me to act on their behalf or for me to notice that a message which is of Karmic importance has just been delivered.
So during my lunch break I sat under a tree and asked my Angelic Higher self as to the significance of the question. The first image which popped into my mind was an image of the famous Rosetta stone. Historically it is taught, that this tablet allowed the first translation of Hieroglyphs to be undertaken. Then the following clairaudient message popped into my head; “you can help those who are interested, to understand the various terms used to describe healing essences, which are being used within esoteric circles today.
So I offer in this article, to anyone interested; my understanding and definitions of what the various terms used by essence producers, healers and metaphysicians, regarding essences generally mean. I am basing the following definitions on my familiarity and experience in this field as an intuitive Energy Channel and Essence Maker of twenty two years. My understanding and definitions are the result of actual knowledge from training, books, colleagues and experience in the field of essences as well as from my intuitive insights gained through many years of meditation and intuitive data gained on this topic directly from Spirit.
The first thing I would like to highlight is that all the terms may have various definitions out in the community, which are interchangeable or overlapping in meaning. The other important fact to be aware is that, certain essences could be defined as Channelled, Vibrational, Alchemical and Healing at the same time. In other words an essence may be a flower essence and Vibrational at the same time or channelled and healing at the same time. However channelled essences have some unique attributes described later on in this article.
However the word “essence” is probably the best place to start for a wider understanding. Generally the essence of something or someone is its most fundamental or most intrinsic attribute or feature. Historically the essence of someone was equivalent with their soul. Even Ancient Egyptians spoke of the Akh and the Ka as the soul and the transferred soul and understood them to be the essence of a person. The essence of someone or something is also understood to mean its fundamental vital force or energy, perhaps its signature frequency in fact.
So from even ancient times, there have been countless rituals and techniques developed by man to gain access, perhaps even trap or harness this intrinsic essence from humans, objects and natural sources such as the elements. It is known for example that the ancient Egyptians would gather the morning due from the leaves of plants because it was understood that the life force ( the essence) of the plant would be imprinted and stored in the moisture and could be put to good use.  Today pharmaceutical companies try to isolate fundamental components or the essential intrinsic aspect of many natural products to create drugs. Similarly, essence producers may use water as the storage vehicle for the essence intrinsic to a crystal, a region a flower a climatic event or even an archetypal aspect of creation itself. Herbalists, Homeopaths and alchemists also try to isolate the essence of herbs and natural products for their practices. Although the finished product has very little if any physical material in it, there is an impression/memory of its essence left in the water. This vital impression (signature vibration) is the aspect which produces the healing. It is precisely this energetic code or programme, which creates the healing within the body or environment, which has become diseased or imbalanced.
I generally define an essence as Vibrational if it has recorded within it, the fundamental (signature frequency) of any object or non physical source, actually recorded (or imprinted) within a carrier, such as water. So it follows then that gem, flower, shell, environmental and even channelled essences all fit into the overarching group called Vibrational essences.
Flower, shell, gem, crystal, and tree essences have all been prepared similarly to homeopathies in that a physical object has been placed in water and its signature vibration been allowed to leave an imprint behind. An Environmental essence such as the Alaskan ones is usually prepared by recognising a natural access point in a region where the environmental energy may be harnessed and recorded within the carrier water. 
Channelled essences have been prepared differently. A channelled essence has usually undergone a process whereby an adept healer or energy channel has produced the essence by manipulating the Energetic Web of creation. The process requires that the channel creates an access point within the field where specific energies are tapped into and recorded within the carrier water. The advantage of channelled essence if they are prepared by a talented adept Essence Maker is that there is theoretically no limit to the type and power of healing energies one can access from the field to create the healing essence. So theoretically any vibration which may create integrity or coherence and healing in the recipient can be successfully accessed and utilised.
The question as to which essence or type of essence is best, can best be answered by remembering that at any one time there is a perfect solution to a problem which will create healing. Also what works does change depending on the changing requirements of the user and their personal level of evolution.

Copyright article by Nevine Z Rottinger 2010