Vibrational Essences and Elixirs for all your requirements Essential Energies Produces and supplies channelled Essences and Elixirs to support every man woman and child and their destiny.


Essences and Elixirs which support, heal, and realign the Chakras


CHAKRA                                       supportive essence or elixir


Earth Star                                          Gaia, Salamander, Undine, Gnome, Sylph, Genus Loci


Base                                                   Diana, Valkyrie, Pele, Geronamo, Ares, Adam


Sacral                                                 Nimue, Sedna, Lilith,Hera,Pan


Solar plexus                                      Cleopatra, Ra, Baldur, Dragon


Heart                                                  Aphrodite, Lancelot, Quan Yin


Throat                                                 Rhiannon, Eagle Woman, Arianrhod


Third Eye                                            Isis, Nephthys, Nimue


Crown                                                 High Priestess, Quan Yin, Buddha.


Transpersonal                                    Osiris, Hades, Sidhe       



Note; Torn or damaged chakras will require also;

 Morgan Le Fey, Faery and Sidhe included in the blend.