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Article; The accuracy of intuitive or psychic readings

The Accuracy of Intuitive or Psychic Readings from a reader's perspective 

If the predictive accuracy of Intuitive readings was sometimes affected by certain factors which related to the reader, the recipient (s), the particular oracle used for the reading or the actual timing of the reading. Could such readings still be useful or valid as a life tool? It is certainly a  question I have pondered on many occasions through my  28 years as a professional intuitive & one I have often discussed with colleagues as well as students in my intuition development classes.

What if all readings are not meant to function similarly. What if different readings are meant to serve the querent  in differing  ways depending on timing, life purpose, destiny or free will & choice for example. What if the recipients expectations & interpretation were the most important thing sometimes in delineating the content & actual answers of the reading? What if one reader channels information that is more philosophical than the reader in the next street who channels gossip or lotto numbers  with expert  ease. 

 Consider for a moment;  if certain readings, channelled from Spirit  are not meant to be accurate but healing. In other words what about the times when the wiser answer is  the "wrong answer". For Example what if a person's career success would be greater if they took that job in Siberia ....yet the reading says go to Hawaii. When the querent finds that the job in Hawaii is a dead end but the professional connections they've made in Hawaii & the lifestyle means that their work & social life is more meaningful than what it would have been in Siberia. Would such an answer be  more beneficial, yet not  accurate in the usual sense? 

I have also noted that infrequently in a  reading with me....the client  may be  given inaccurate data if that is what they deserve. For example  they may be dishonest,  mean or out to harm others in any way. At such times early in the reading I feel weird.. like something is being withheld from me no matter how hard I try to deliver a good reading. Images & messages are frivolous, nebulous or down- right wrong. Usually because the recipient is not ready for the info or actually not worthy of the benefit of a good reading. I feel "grungy/clunky" during such readings & often struggle in the delivery.  I remember knowing I was being given inaccurate data by my "guidance" for a man a few years ago about his business & found out a few months later he had been abusing his wife. Maybe I was an agent of Karma. When someone tries to test me it usually affects the reading...conversely .when they approach the reading with openness & no ulterior motives the results are generally better.

Interpretation of the visions & symbols received by the reader is another trap at times. For someone adept at moving lost souls across to the "other side"... is it inaccurate to speak of someone's relative as if they were alive because the clairvoyant visions recived in the reading, depicted the individual as the querent had experienced them in life....ALIVE !!  Is it inaccurate to see a vision of a bullying male if the clients wife is verbally aggressive towards him for example & uses swear words to threaten him. (oops I hope that's not a sexist example). 

A lot of clients don't listen properly & misinterpret the points being made. I notice I choose words very carefully during a reading...."commitment", "wedding bells" & "marriage" are not the same thing for example. Yet people jot down or interpret & exchange one term for another during a reading . For example "commitment in 18 months" for a couple is not the same as receiving a reading that you will have "wedding bells " in 18 months ( a recent experience).  Getting a well paying job in a month" is not the same as getting the job you just applied for with a 50 thousand dollar increase. In other words; the devil is in the detail. I am amused when people say I have you on tape saying such & such...then we listen & it's either my poor diction, their misinterpretation or what they were told to do is so far different to what they actually did that they have altered their future markedly through these actions.

Then, what if for example; by telling a woman which of her suitors is the "right one", we have encouraged her to not do the emotional work required to make her relationship work. Is it wiser sometimes to tell a woman that a husband is made ( through love & respect for example) & not found at the markets like a handbag?. Does that mean you are afraid to give an answer outright as a doubt sceptics would say yes.

Interestingly current scientific experiments & theory relating to the "observer effect" , the  "uncertainty  effect"  & "Hawthorne effect "may also help us understand why the same reader may give a perfect reading to someone who does  believe in that "clairvoyant/psychic  nonsense" , yet a lousy or  somewhat  inaccurate reading to the next  guy who expects a clairvoyant to be shonky or delusional. Perhaps the guy who got the shonky reading got it because he heard this reader was not as good as Madame Zelda who reads for that millionaire fellow on the news. The expectations of the client affect the reading & the accuracy. The Hawthorne effect suggests that if the reader feels vulnerable or disrespected they may receive & or give inaccurate information. The Observer effect, some believe, may actually suggest that the observer changes the result of the reading. The obsever effect according to some prominent thinkers seems to suggest that "mind does affect matter" (physical matter). The double slit science experiment is an iconic demonstration of the Observer Effect. (refrences below). 

 In a reading for example is the answer as to which is the best doctor for that recipient,  the one who tells you chemo has side effects which sometimes damage certain organs or the one who tells you they are using a miracle drug which will save you. What if the "right doctor" uses the wrong drug or protocol. Should the reader ask questions. So when the client keeps tight lipped during a reading they may indeed be shooting themselves in the foot....because it is indeed the rapport which sets up the space for accuracy & refinement of the interpretation of the messages a reader receives.

Note that the client who keeps a poker face or is reluctant to answer even non- leading questions is actually creating an energetic block ( or "smoke screen") which hides the related or local energy grid  and which contains relevant  data to the questions. It is this related energy grid which the reader taps into to give the reading. So hiding this through intention or focus defeats the purpose of the reading....a waste of time & effort for reader & client of course. Since no reader wants to force a client to co-operate, the choice of a client  to create a mental screen means the reading is likely to be less accurate.

Sometimes lack of affinity for a client means you are unable to focus on the reading & results are affected. I normally refuse to read for them again if that is so. Occassionaly in an effort to be be "delicate", I know i have eluded to something as opposed to being blunt.Hoping to save a client's red face for example i may say; have you ever had vascular issues or varicose veins when i suspect the problem is actually piles.

Lastly the number of persons you are reading for may affect the accuracy of the reading under certain circumstances. For Example If you reading the outcome of an event which is pertaining to a whole group such as which team will win the Saturday Football match or which country will win the war. It may be harder than reading for a single person if you don't use the correct Oracle, (predictive tool).'

Timing an astrologer I am aware there are times where you are meant to grow You are being tested in your ability to persevere despite having little support and/or little success. Oftentimes a  reading at these times can only suggest patience because any suggestion will probably produce a lack of success. This is not a wasted reading as some would believe but a practical one.

To avoid the pitfalls & increase accuracy I usually do some or all of the following. I make sure the person asking for the reading actually wants or needs a reading. I make sure they have no ulterior motive for example to spy on their colleagues, to work out how to swindle a business partner, to manipulate etc. Next I suggest they have an open mind...& ask questions if they wish. I have checks & I may use clairvoyance & Tarot or Astrology. If an issue is important or unclear I look at it a number of times. I always remind a client the future is never set in stone & their actions, their prejudices & their ignorance of the finer points in a situation or the reading itself,  may lead to a change in outcome from the one predicted. 


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written by Nevine Rottinger (copyright material)