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Frequently asked Questions.

Q. How many essences/elixirs can I take at any one time.

A. There is actually no upper limit, however most people will usually find it impracticle to add more than 12-18 essences/elixirs at any one time within a personal blend.


Q. Why take the essences/ elixirs, why not invoke or evoke the appropriate deity or archetypal energy to offer me assistance. 

A. Most people who are attempting to gain access or assistance from an archetypal energy/deity have a preconceived notion of what that energy is supposed to be like. Unfortunately this expectation will corrupt the very access they seek. Also what often happens, is that a person seeking assistance from an archetype, Goddess or God will do it during the tough times only and lack the discipline to continue daily through ritual, meditation and prayer to tap into the energy correctly. Taking a few drops in the mouth a few times a day is much more convenient and reliable for most people.


 Q Is it not better to see a practitioner, who will channel the right energies to create healing, than me getting it wrong.

A. The Essences/elixirs on this site are energies which although universal in their benefit are not available to all practitioners. Only some practitioners have interest in this area of healing and even then they may not be themselves in a position to channel the correct frequencies. We all have specific talents and interests including energy therapists.

The chice of essences is quite easy, using the attributes index under the recource section or the search engine. Alternatively you can utilise Essential Energies practitioner or contact us to help you select the most useful essences/ elixirs for you at any given time.

By the way there is no danger of being damaged in any way by taking an essence which is not the right for you. It will simply not trigger (create change). So in a way it is better to err on the side of taking the essences we are not certain we need than not taking them at all. Because there is no danger and if an essence has caught your attention you often do need it at some level even if only minor.


Q. The essences use brandy as a preservative and as a reformed alcaholic I am reluctant to injest any alcahol, even a couple of drops.

A. Alcaholics, diabetics, muslims, children etc can either dilute the drops in a glass of water or ask for their stock bottle to have vegetable glycerine as preservative. The shelf life of a bottle preserved this way is much reduced.