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Article - Work productivity

Best Essences and elixirs to enhance your work productivity

No matter what we you do in life you will generally need to work out somewhere along the line, how to do it and how to do it well. Otherwise you may not feel the usual inner sense of pride or achievement on completion. In fact if you don�t even know how to go about doing something you may be unable to get started in the first place. Sometimes even though you have done something many times before you will need to develop better more efficient methods.

Of course not being able to successfully complete work tasks can have more serious implications on your welfare and the welfare of others. For example you may let down co-workers or clients. You may even actually lose your job. On a larger scale you may even be aware of instances where, inefficiency and lack of innovation has meant the death of a previously successful business.

As with every other area in life, vibrational essences and elixirs can support you in your work environment. Following are some fairly typical work related issues which you might face and the best essences and elixirs you would benefit from in each case;.

Lugh; when training or retraining is required.
Apollo; for organising yourself, your work space, your day or a whole company
Merlin; remaining focused and mentally alert.
Osiris; for recurring issues, innovation and change agents leaders.
Solomon; wealth creation.
Arthur; for leadership, creating a group vision and managing teams.
Loki; lateral thinking, problem solving, shortcuts.
Vulcan; tradesmen, systems, standardising methods, production, manufacture.
Baldur; self-recognition.
Odin; doing what needs to be done
Adam; new projects, new job, market leader.
Hermes; trading and commerce.
Gwydion; supervising or mentoring others.
Anubis; moving on after failure or embarrassment.
Eros; rapport and relationship building
Ares; dealing with conflict or aggressive competitors.
High priestess; clarity (seeing the big and small picture at the same time)
Athena; focusing on your career, peaceful negotiation.
Isis; perseverance.
Pele; for enchasing enthusiasm or spontaneity.
Guinevere; balancing the creative and practical demands of a job or task.
Valkyrie; strategy and planning.
Ares; dealing with conflict or aggressive competitors.
Nephthys; understanding and retaining your uniqueness in the market.
Ishtar; confidence, boldness.
Set and Robin Hood; for setting and managing budgets.

There are of course other scenarios which may play out in your work situation and these may need you to use a number of the above-mentioned essences in combination. For example Lancelot, Eve and Isis in combination, is ideal for career selection times. However if you would like to feel better at work or create more success and the suggestions above are not an ideal fit then use the contact details on this site for more assistance. Or contact one of the practitioners for a personal assessment (charges apply).
The most supportive essences for some popular professions;

  • Artists, Crafts; Athena, Ix chel, Apollo, Venus, Shiva.
  • Transport staff; Icarus, Eagle woman, Odysseus, Geronamo, Rhiannon.
  • Management; Zeus, Arthur, Osiris, Valkyrie, Ix Chel, Cleopatra, Shiva, Apollo, High Priestess, Set.
  • Sales; Baldur, Persephone, Valkyrie, Hades, Odin, Aphrodite, Buddha, Hermes, Odin, Ishtar, Thetis, spider.
  • Trades; Lugh, Apollo, Vulcan, Hercules, Poseidon, Odin.
  • Health professionals; Morgan Le Fey, Chiron, Cleopatra, Sedna, Arianrhod, Isis, Persephone, Hades.
  • Cooks; Demeter, Gaia, Apollo, IX Chel, Aphrodite.
  • Computers, IT, Electronics; Lugh, Spider woman, AI, Einstein, Vulcan.
  • Decorating and Fashion; Venus, Apollo, High Priestess,Nephthys, Ix Chel, Eve, Osiris, Ishtar.
  • Child Care; Demeter, Pan, Ix Chel, Aphrodite, Thor, Arthur, Chiron, High priestess, Cleopatra.
  • Clerical; Thoth, Merlin, Hercules, Sirian, Spider Woman, Rhiannon, Hel, Atum.
  • Law; Solomon, High priestess, Paris, Ghandi, Indigo, Gwydion, Set, Zeus.
  • Police; Thor, Gwydion, Ghandi, Brounger, Mary, Arianrhod, Ares, Lancelot, Hermes, Gallahad.
  • Beauticians; Venus, Aphrodite, Nephthys, Hel, Morgan Le Fey, Arianrhod, Gaia.
  • Process Workers; Sirian, Atum, Persephone, Vulcan, AI, Sedna, Sphinx, Changing woman.
  • Service Industry; Spider woman, Robin Hood, Gallahad, Cleopatra, Odin, Gaia, Ix Chel, Pele, Mary, Eagle Woman, Psyche, Ghandi.
  • Manufacturing; Vulcan, Apollo, Zeus, High Priestess.
  • Scientists, innovators; Einstein, Persephone, Zeus, Ra, High Priestess, Thoth, Adam, spider woman, Dianna, Artemis, Changing Woman, Ix Chel.
  • Finance, Accounting; Robin Hood, Solomon, Spider woman, Gaia.