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Article- Energy Healing is not Faith Healing

Is Energy Healing  synonymous with Faith Healing?                                                             

Energy Healing is a form of complimentary healing as old as time itself. The reason I say that is it is a modality which utilises the fundamental "stuff of creation" to accomplish healing. Healing being defined as increased self-integration & self-actualization. This stuff of creation is energy or life force & everything in the cosmos is a manifestation of fundamental energy source(s). 

It is known today that visible & invisible energy is connects every aspect of the physical cosmos & possibly the non physical cosmos. When an organism is unwell or diseased it may be due to a number of factors. However these can best be summarized as a dysfunctional energy system. Environmental, emotional, mental & spiritual causes help create dysfunction in the human energy system. To correct these a rebalancing, organizing, repairing energy must be found, directed & appropriately applied to the energy recipient field in need of healing.

Miracle workers, High priests, Shamans, Kahunas, Energy healers & Channellers are traditionally able to accomplish healings because of their innate or learned ability to seek out the right energy frequencies & redirect them towards a person in need of healing. They do this by way of clear & sustained spiritual, mental, & emotional clarity & focus.

When we specifically think of faith healing we are usually referring to healings which require both healer & recipient & often the recipient's "tribe" (family, friends etc) to "believe" in the healing being offered. Energy Healers & Channellers  generally need no such belief on either side. More often than not they simply need to be highly observant of the subtle layers of reality (physical, non-physical & inter-dimensional) & exceptionally focused. The focus does not need to be spiritually or faith based in origin. A simple open hearted desire to be of service to the recipient  combined with a focused heart & mind, tempered by an iron-will to source & channel the right energy matrix towards the recipient is all that is needed. Nonetheless the rare combination of traits required; refined intuition, egoless stance, skilled, powerful & sustained focus necessary in such a healer  are a rare find. 

What is interesting is that if a highly intuitive, highly focused healer is egoless enough to get "out of the way" of the appropriate healing matrix they have located once they have set up a channel then it becomes possible for highly potent healing energies to become available to the recipient. The specificity & power of the healing matrix/grid does not need the recipient to believe for it to be effective....they really need to just receive. 

Most experienced healers know however that if a recipient is not receptive emotionally or mentally  to healing energies  they can at times close themselves off to the healing. Physical, emotional & mental non- receptive techniques such as avoidance & violence are examples of ways sometimes used to block healings on offer. In other words they may believe the healing would work but choose not to accept just the same. The reasons for such refusals are varied but they all stem fundamentally from a fear of love & transformation. Therefore only healers who are able to access very potent energies would succeed in such cases because the healing energies they make available must transcend the recipients' self limiting blocks. 

Truly potent healing matrixes no matter how subtle are the way to facilitate healing which requires no forcing, faith or manipulation on the part of the healer towards the recipient. The most powerful & comprehensive energy matrixes available in nature are referred to by scientists as Morphological Fields & by Psychologists, Metaphysicians & Energy Healers as Archetypal Fields.

Archetypal Energy Healing is not necessarily based on faith, coercion or knowledge, yet can be extremely effective. It is possibly the most potent, elegant & comprehensive form of energy healing available.

Essential Energies offers essences & elixirs sourced from specific fundamental Archetypal Energies. Their effect is not dependent on recipient's belief, knowledge, effort or even enthusiasm. The recipient simply needs to ingest the essences & elixirs on a fairly regularly basis for results to occur. 

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