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Metaphysics Course; Intuitives, Magicians, Healers & Dreamers



Learn Spiritual Healing & Energetic Healing whilst developing into an accomplished Intuitive Counsellor.

There are numerous ways to develop intuition, magical & healing abilities to adept level (practitioner level). This course will explore a path which best develops your abilities through well researched, safe & effective methods.

Your presenter Nevine Z Rottinger will guide & support your journey. Class mates will enhance the experience.

If you have ever felt a cold shiver down your spine on a warm & sunny day, then you might want to find out what causes that. If you have ever decided you wanted something & had it turn up magically in your life then come & develop your magical healing abilities. If you often know who  is on the phone before you pick it up or have ever had an eerily prophetic dream, then come along & develop your gift further.

Maybe you are actually looking for an efficient effective path to self development or wish to become an energy healer....then come along & learn in a safe fun way how you might become an expert Intuitive, Magician, Healer & Dreamer. This course will facilitate your connection to your "Higher Self" the immortal navigator within. So even if you have done many courses & learned many will better understand how to use all these skills with greater clarity.


Each week theory & practice will explore & develop your knowledge

 & skill in various areas which include;

The historical origins of Magick & Esoteric healing. 

Human Perception

How to meditate to enhance clarity perception & intuition.

Connecting to inner &/ or spiritual guidance.

Learn to Channel Spirit 

Develop Mediumship

Sensing Energy, manipulating energy & changing the physical tangible world.

The Human Energy Field & the Web of Creation.

The Human Mind & the levels of creation.

Angels, Guides, Devas, Animal Totems, Spirit Guides, Elementals, E.Ts

The Ego, the Shadow, The Ancestral mind, Logic & Spirit

Religion & other beliefs, such as science; both friend & foe to your spiritual evolution.

A look at various schools of thought & practice in Metaphysics, Magick & Healing.

Karma its value to your spiritual evolution & tool for healers.

Karmic upgrades & genetic healing.

Healing tools; Crystals, essences, Homeopathy, Kinesiology etc

Mental disease or intuition.

Medical intuition. 

The Chakras

The light Bodies.


Architecture & structure of the universe.

Soul Retrieval

The value of esoteric sciences such as; Numerology, Astrology, Geomancy etc.

Miracles Vs the process of healing.

Distance Healing,  Face to Face Healing or Hands on Healing....what works where, when & for whom.

Quantum physics & Manifestation.

Practicing the Law of Attraction Effectively.

Dreams as tools to healing & evolution.

Nutrition & exercise to support Intuitives, magicians & healers.

The various types of Channelers (advantages & precautions).

Psychic Protection & Ethics for light workers.

Oracles & their value & uses; Tea leaves, Tarot, cloud readings, sand readings, Crystal Bowls etc

Crystals, Crystal grids & layouts, Crystal Feng- Shui.

Ghosts, space clearings, evil spirits etc

Psychic attack, Hexes, Curses, the Evil Eye.

Soul Family, Twin Souls, Soul Mates, Twin Flames

Chaos, Free will & choice Vs Destiny & Fate.

Energy cannot be crated nor destroyed ...the Philosophers stone.


Course will run 46 weeks year 1 & Year 2

Cost $80 for 3 hour class

Location, Epping / North Carlingford area.

 (exact location TBA)
                                                      ph;02 98685865

Nevine's mobile                                                                                                      0407660320

First Year; introductory level

Second Year;; adept/Practitioner level.