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Article; Essences & Elixirs to support Healers.

Article; Healing the Healer
If we were all healed or whole the word healer would not exist.  However, most individuals are aware that certain aspects within them are not functioning in an ideal manner at least some of the time, if not all of the time. Even when they feel physically well there may be certain situations in their life they feel “unwell” about.  So most individuals, will at some point in their life, seek out an item, a drug or a person to help remedy their unease or rather their disease.  
A woman in her forties may buy a better anti-wrinkle cream, a divorced male may finally ask out the  pretty woman who prepares his tax, and a diabetic may finally seek out a herbalist to see what they can do different to conventional medicine. So healing first and foremost requires the realisation that we wish to make a change within ourselves or our lives. Next a period follows where we seek out a remedy and finally we might take the necessary action which will help us “feel well” again.
Every time you “do coffee’ with a friend who feels “down” you are acting as a healing agent. Every time you take time out to do something which makes you feel good about yourself you are self-healing (coming back to the whole you). We are all healers and needing healing at the same time. However the term healer has been, more usually used to represent those among us who seem more potent in their abilities to act as a healing agent for others. These “healers” have their beginnings within our history as the; Medicine Man of the tribe, the Celtic Witch who is well versed in the use of healing herbs and finally and more recently may include the medical doctor who understands the use of the latest wonder drug.
For those who are these healers there is at times the added challenge of pursuing their own healing, whilst simultaneously supporting so many others, so often in their healing. Where others need to sometimes sell their service, healers often are challenged to take time out for themselves because that often means they will be leaving someone else in a state of disease for a little longer. If the disease is not acute or life threatening, it is less likely to create guilt or fear in the healer. However all too often those battling their own discomfort will make unrealistic demands on the healer. So a good healer must be able to retain compassion, clarity, strength of purpose all the while setting health boundaries with those they support to heal.
 A responsible healer is also aware of the need to wherever possible show their client how and when they can help themselves. If the healer does all the work the client will never have the tools and skills necessary to remain well.
Being a professional healer requires a good knowledge or technical base from which to practice and a healthy perusal of data gathered both from experiential and continued educational sources in a particular field.
Practicing with Integrity really is crucial for a healer in so many ways really. You may believe your client/patient needs remedy B yet they insist they need remedy C and threaten to go elsewhere or continue to resist passively by not turning up to appointments or by not taking the remedy you have prescribed. In these cases the healer must be careful not to force their beliefs onto the client whilst simultaneously having the courage to resist becoming the client’s puppet. Having the courage to resist clients who are bullies and the foresight to see through the manipulators are also preferential skills or abilities most healers need at least sometime in their career.
For an Energy Healer or an Intuitive Healer there are other requirements. They include the courage to practice in a modality which is still steeped in mystery and disbelief by the world at large. In fact about three hundred years ago it might have still earned you the right to burn at the stake or face an inquisition following a charge of heresy. More challenging perhaps is developing the discipline and clarity to work with spiritual guidance and energies which affect you the healer and your lifestyle in numerous and profound ways.  Retaining an open mind and a strong heart are imperative if you practice this form of healing. A meditative unprejudiced mind can receive impressions and instructions from the spiritual realms without corrupting the message. A strong heart can hold the substance of the universe (which is love) without feeling threatened or confused. The potency of a healer, if it could be measured, is most directly dependant on these last two qualities.
Perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a healer is to trust, that you can be an effective healing agent in service of another individual, despite the fact that you have not attained complete or permanent healing at all levels of yourself as yet.
Through my career as an Energy healer of twenty odd years of caring for myself, my clients, my family and other healers (both medical and alternative) I have had the opportunity to observe and better understand some of the common challenges healers face both in their practice and in the perusal of their own personal wellbeing and healing. As always the use of Vibrational essences and elixirs in supporting all of us heal more effectively has been invaluable to me as a healer in my practice and to me personally. They are a powerful ally but not a replacement for good food, good living and good loving of course....... but a wonderful adjunct just the same.

Vibrational Essences and Elixirs supportive to a healer;

Morgan le Fey: Helps access the archetypal force within the cosmos we can all tap into which facilitates the state of perfect health.
Rhiannon; Supports the awareness that we must never assume responsibility for another. Others are responsible for themselves.
High priestess: Clarity and intuition.
Aphrodite: Open heartedness.
Mary; To remain receptive to the miracle of healing.
Sedna; Protects the healer from being traumatised as they bear witness to their client’s disease.
Quan Yin; Helps you work with compassion.
Anubis: Allies the guilt a healer may feel at taking time out or at feeling inadequate around certain persons’ disease.
Chiron: Supports the process of healing including all the steps one must take. Also remedies feelings of inadequacy as a healer stemming from the awareness that we are not fully healed either.
Paris; maintains personal integrity.
Set; setting up healthy boundaries, for example your work hours.
Buddha; helps retain an open, unattached and un-prejudiced mind.
Odysseus; when the healing process has been long and arduous and there is the risk of giving up.
Lancelot; for following and working from your heart.
Ether; for protecting your etheric body if you come into physical contact with clients.
Leprechaun; for pursuing the treasure, whether it be that pill, word, herb or paradigm shift which will create healing.
Dragon; protects the spine of a busy energy healer by facilitating movement of energy via the central body axis.

Copyright article, March 2010 by Nevine Z Rottinger.