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Akhbaka elixrs

Life experiences, karmic requirements and physical cycles often challenge and impact on our inner energy, hampering our effectiveness.
Akhbaka Elixrs of Masculine Power are designed to correct the resultant imbalances, promoting healing, growth and a sense of well-being and wholeness.
The essences facilitate change by introducing us to specific energies (vibrations). Subtle yet powerful, these elixrs are unique in their ability to influence and support our personal destiny and life's purpose.
The range consists of 48 elixrs and can be taken individually or in a blend specifically created for you.

"When I tried Nevine's masculine essense I was surprised at how effective it was. Within 3 days I was feeling not only clearer about my direction but was filled with a drive and confidence I had not experienced for a long time. It is very refreshing and I am grateful that the immense work put in to make these male essences are being realised. Men have long been overlooked in the drive for the feminine principle. It is great to see more and more balance in the evolving of our society and consciousness".
Thank You Nevine
Stephen Bishop
Principal Chiara College of Metaphysics

How does it work?

All physical matter, no matter how dense, solid or real it appears, is in fact simply energy vibrating at different frequencies. This is the understanding we have gained through Einsteins quantum physics
Vibrational therapy seeks to bring balance to the resonant frequencies of matter when they have been disturbed. So that matter can return to it's original or perfect state. It is therefore and effective way to bring about balance to an individual's mind, body and emotions as well as their environment.

From ancient times humans have held the belief that all life is infused with life force derived from the creative force of the universe. Certain individuals were capable of seeing this energy field clairvoyantly, as well as being able to manipulate it through certain esoteric practices. They were sometimes called magicians, or miracle workers. Today we call these individuals energy healers or vibrational therapists.

The elixrs are a sytem of vibrational therapy which work by introducing balancing energy frequencies to an individual, which have previously been stored with the energy pattern of water and preserved with brandy. As the individual continues to ingest or is exposed to the appropriate elixr, his or her energy field benefits. This balancing frequency can originate from countless sources in the universe. In this case the sources are the masculine archetypes of creation. Invisible energy fields which are the origin of all physical form.

ahkbaka elixrs of masculine power product range

Taking the essences is easy, and safe...

You take your chosen elixr(s) from the stock bottles directly (4 drops, 4 times a day) or have a practitioner create a blend, containing all the appropriate essences from which you also take 4 drops of, 4 times a day. Most people take their drops directly into their mouth whilst some prefer to put 4 drops of the elixr(s) into a glass of water.

Do you wish to read further information? If so, the Akhbaka User Manual can be found on the Resources page.