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Article - Align with your destiny

Essences and elixirs designed to align you with your destiny and life purpose.

If you have ever felt that, clarity about your life's purpose and personal destiny have remained somewhat elusive for you. Then, it seems that you are experiencing a feeling which is not uncommon to many within our society. This article is offered with you in mind and with the hope that you will use some of the information and tools suggested here to activate and more fully align with all you were meant to be.

You might be interested to know, that we each have three forms of personal destiny which we unconsciously pursue and yearn to and fulfil in life. Firstly we have two personal destinies. One of these is the objective of our soul, whilst the other is a requirement of our personality (our ego). The third type of destiny is more pertinent to our society and could be seen as part of a collective destiny.

Similarly we all seek to fulfil three forms of life purpose. First there is the life purpose which is more relevant to the larger group to which we belong. Then there are two forms of personal life purpose; a soul's purpose and a mundane or human purpose.

By the way Destiny can be defined as that which is unavoidable as a destination or fated to happen in one's life. Our life purpose can best be understood as our reason for being alive (the reason we have incarnated).

Too many workshops and books give recipe-like guidelines on "finding" or "working out" your destiny and life purpose. In reality simply being yourself and doing what feels right for you is all that is required. That may not be that easy however. Since, you need to know who you are in a way before you can be yourself and in our frenetic modern society, too many of us are actually rather "self – ignorant". So being "yourself" is virtually impossible. You might, like many others, may have a limited view of yourself, which is defined perhaps only by certain elements within your life. For example when asked the question, "who are you", do you respond with a long list of things you do each day. Alternatively do you only describe yourself in terms personality traits, wishes or goals. Alternatively, if you do try to hang on to the awareness that you are a unique spiritual being experiencing a human life, do you find it difficult to hang on to your practical self? Few of us easily remain our whole self all the time.

As far as doing what feels right. Again that may not always be easy for you. We live in a society where family, government, schooling, corporations and the media usually define what we should be doing or aiming for. So your inner voice may feel somewhat drowned out most times by the external crescendo.

For over twenty years as an intuitive mentor and energy practitioner, I have observed and helped individuals access their whole self (spirit, soul and physical self). I have also often helped guide them with advice as well as energetic realignments and activations to become better aligned with their life's purpose and destiny. In all this, I have noticed repeatedly that no single process or person can completely hold the key to another's life purpose or destiny. I have also come to believe that our destiny and purpose is as much "something we are" as it is something we do or achieve.

The reason I feel this way is due to the fact that no matter what is happening or not happening to people balancing and reintegrating aspects of their electro- magnetic energy (aura) and soul energy (archetypes) seems to consistently bring about more clarity as to who they feel they are and what they wish to achieve within their life. It also helps them embody innate inner attributes which facilitate doing what it takes to fulfil their purpose and destiny.

About twelve years ago however I did develop and begin using vibrational essences to activate and enhance personal attributes (archetypes) with clients to this end. "Essence of the Goddess" is invaluable it seems in helping you understand, connect and embody who you really are. Whilst "Akhbaka, masculine elixirs" are singularly supportive in activating your unique style or method of making it happen. This is true for males, females and children.

Identifying your "Essence of the Goddess" archetypes reveals your souls destiny and purpose. These are spiritual or inner qualities which will evolve in a particular lifetime. Whilst investigating your "Akhbaka" masculine archetypes will reveal personal or the more practical aspects of your destiny and life purpose. Lastly identifying which "Essence of the Starchildren" group you belong to will reveal more about the objectives and destiny of the group to which you belong. Note however that the investigations alone are not able to activate and support the energies of your spiritual and physical self which make staying on perfect track with your life so much easier. These archetypes are complex, yet elegant energetic pieces of you which are beyond full logical comprehension. This is because the archetypes found within humans are mirrors of the major archetypes (patterns of creative energy) found throughout the cosmos. They simply express themselves differently depending on where we look for them. It follows therefore that for you to get maximum benefit, you are best to actually take the essences.

The longer you take the essences or appropriate elixirs, the more benefit and personal growth you will achieve. Each time you take the essences you are able to better access and harness these inherent spiritual and human traits. You will usually take an essence for some time, before you notice how wide its impact is on your life and wellbeing. Eventually after more fully embodying the changes you develop a better cognitive understanding. So the experience of taking the essences is what will help you understand how they support you becoming all you are meant to be, not the other way around.

People sometimes think that doing the workshops or reading about the different masculine and feminine energies, or even doing appropriate rituals will yield the same results as taking the appropriate essences. In my experience and other practitioners who use them, this is never so.

If you wish to know which essences are going to be most useful in supporting you in becoming what you are destined to be, then I suggest getting a Goddess (feminine archetypes) or Akhbaka ( masculine archetype) reading from myself or one of the practitioners listed on this site.