Vibrational Essences and Elixirs for all your requirements Essential Energies Produces and supplies channelled Essences and Elixirs to support every man woman and child and their destiny.

Privacy Policy & Disclaimer


The intuitive guidance and suggested uses for the essences and elixirs on this site, does not represent a therapeutic claim from the producer Nevine Z Rottinger or Essential Energies.

The channelled guidance offered here, is not intended in any way or at any time, to serve as a replacement of your doctor, naturopath, legal counsel, financial advisor, career advisor, lover, family etc. As a wholistic business we do not believe in a single cause, single truth, perfect solution or product.

Instead we encourage you to make your own choices and decisions. If you wish to use any of our products or guidance feel free to do so. Do not however do so, with the impression that the suggestions or descriptions based on clinical observations, contained on this site are a therapeutic claim.

Success or Healing are both mysterious wondrous experiences dependent on you and you alone. So be brave and take responsibility for and ownership of any decision you make to use our products and services. Then sit back and enjoy.

Privacy Policy

Any information made available to Essential Energies, by clients or even perspective clients, will not be shared with any third party at any time.




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