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Article - Alleviate Chronic Fatigue

Vibrational Essences and Elixirs to alleviate Chronic Fatigue

In our rushed modern world, people often complain of being at least occasionally fatigued, frazzled or overwhelmed. Others are in increasing numbers, reporting a Chronic Fatigue.

This Chronic Fatigue (CFS) is often accompanied by aching muscles and joints, depression, exhaustion, recurring infection, poor concentration and swollen lymph glands. Natural and medical health practitioners are still searching for a definitive diagnostic criteria, cause for the disease and successful treatment.

In my experience, as an intuitive healer, I have observed there to be many causes / facets to CFS and therefore much reason for a multi-disciplinary approach when seeking healing for this debilitating condition. Any number of infections, allergies, drugs, nutritional deficiencies, emotions and subconscious triggers can contribute to this condition. A homeopathic / naturopathic approach will usually focus on identifying allergens and balancing the immune system. Also vitamins and herbs will be selected to help the body regain strength and endurance. Medical practitioners will try to identify which pathogens, drug(s) or underlying disease(s) are causing the condition. Antibiotics, vitamins and drugs are then selected to support the patient.

When someone approaches me with CFS I first suggest that they rule out at least diabetes, hypothyroidism and anaemia with their doctor even when my intuition tells me these conditions are absent. I then recommend a good homeopathic/naturopathic doctor to rebuild stability of the adrenal cortex using herbs, vitamins and homeopathic remedies. Herbs can also greatly benefit Diabetes and impaired Thyroid function.

I simultaneously begin seeing them for a course of channelled healing sessions, where I address various chakra and aura imbalances. Sometimes, clients will remember experiences which first triggered their symptoms, like a relationship break-up or the loss of employment, as the energy work helps them release the impact of the experience on their energy field and its subsequent impact on their health. There are times where it is also necessary to give intuitive council on new ways of negotiating particular life conditions which are still contributing to their condition.

As always I find that Vibrational essences and elixirs are invaluable as an adjunct to the other healing modalities and offer a unique aid in CFS.

I usually create a personal blend for clients that will include some if not all the following essences and elixirs;

PAN; for physical vitality

ODIN; to re-activate the quality of 'doing' within an individual.

HERCULES; to enhance their strength and endurance.

SEDNA; to rebuild the energy within a compromised immune system.

MORGAN Le FEY; to reinstate the energy and the state of Health and wellbeing in an individual.

ISIS; for those who feel they 'cannot keep going'. So they can persevere with life in general not just with their tasks.

ISIS; to maintain faith and hope that wellness is possible

ARIANRHOD; to cope with the 'dark limbo' often experienced during this disease.

APHRODITE; to bring back the love of self and life itself.

GAIA; to ground the aura.

HEL; to cope with the mystery that is CFS

PELE; to alleviate the frustration as CFS affects an individual's lifestyle.

CHIRON; support as the healing process is undertaken.

EINSTEIN; for inter-dimensional grounding.

CLEOPATRA; for those who feel emotionally and physically disempowered by their condition.

OSIRIS; to help client's re-entry into the community as CFS begins to lessen.

(The essences and elixirs mentioned above belong to the 'Essence of the Goddess' and 'Akhbaka' ranges, found on this same site

I have also noticed that if a Starperson has CFS, then taking the essence appropriate to their group of origin from the range 'Essences of the Starchildren' (again available from this same site) is useful in relieving their symptoms, more often than not. Working out which Star group someone belongs to usually requires input (diagnosis) from a practitioner familiar with this are, some of them are listed in the practitioner page on this web site.