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Personal Archetypal Charts: your Soul Profiled

Have your personal Archetypal Profile investigated & documented;
Order your  Personal Goddess, Masculine Akhbaka,  Elemental & Starchild Charts at Essential Energies & Enjoy the benefits.


There is a way to identify the inherent Archetypes which are major components (dominate) a person's individual  Soul Structure. 

One way to understand these inherent Archetypal energies is to think of them as the aspects of Prime Creator which are in essence: the aspects of Spirit which are the "stuff" that makes up your individual soul structure.  

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”     by Hermes Trismegistus

At  Essential Energies we are able to identify these Goddess, Masculine Akhbaka, Elemental, Starseed & Angelic aspects which are the fundamental (inherent ) parts of you created in the image of Prime Creator.

When you order such a chart from us it will enhance your understanding of who & what you are. It will pinpoint the energies linking you to the whole of creation & how these support your personal  destiny & life purpose. 

Your Archetypal charts can also be compared with those of your loved ones or colleagues to discern areas of compatability & challenge.

Knowledge of these energies has the advantage of also highlighting which areas of your inner technology need energetic support in the form of essences & elixirs from Essential Energies to propel you with greater ease on your life path.

Please contact us if you would like one or all of your charts drawn up for you. The charges for this service depend on how many charts you desire & how detailed the explanation or support you require.

Welcome to your personal blueprint of life.