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Article;Practical Self-Healing is a major benefit of using Essences.


Article; Practical Self Healing is a major benefit of using Essences 

Throughout the last 22 years of being an Energy Healer & Professional Intuitive I have relied heavily on the use of essences as an effective after-care & ongoing support tool for my clients. Healing Essences can give you the user a powerful tool which is both simple & effective which you can utilize daily for yourself, to promote the healing, the wholeness & wellness you seek. 

Essentially an essence constitutes a convenient delivery system of healing energy or energies in a bottle. Throughout the years I have often noted that many of those seeking self-healing are more comfortable with a “do –it- yourself” healing modality for their purposes. The right essences to suit your personal requirements can be researched & self- prescribed quite easily & then ordered online. This has commonly made their use an important element of a self-healing programme.

 As one very candid young lady who had been receiving healing for her eating disorder said to me on one occasion; “after a healing session with you i feel amazing & clear & strong enough to lick this thing....but without the essences you prescribe i would quickly run out of steam & determination. I keep them safe so i don’t break them like that time they fell out of my bag.”

A very successful businessman once said to me “you give me good direction during our sessions but I notice the essences & elixirs help me make what should be easy into something that is easy”.

I remember both these comments among many similar others as evidence of the support & benefit that the ongoing use of essences can provide those seeking self-healing.

The essences & elixirs produced by Essential Energies are no different to flower, gem & environmental essences that are currently available to healers & their clients out in the community. In that they are an effective & practical method of accessing healing vibrations to support individuals in a safe effective manner.

The main & most important point of difference however, with the essences & elixirs produced by Essential Energies & others available is the type of healing/transformative energies they make accessible to users. The essences produced by Essential Energies are essentially an elegant delivery vehicle for powerful Archetypal Energies (which are the fundamental energy programmes within the whole of creation...including both human energy & soul structure)...Wow, how mind- blowing and useful for  self healing or evolution do you think that would be ???

The practicality of taking a few drops of a personal blend (self or practitioner prescribed) a few times per day to access powerful balancing & healing energies has been the enduring appeal of Vibrational essences from ancient times. There is evidence that even the ancients used to collect the dew off flowers & ingest it to produce healings.

Even if we were just to consider common definitions of what is an “essence” as defined in a dictionary we begin to understand why an essence is such a vital part of any self-healing tool-kit, plan or path.

1. The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something.

2. The most important ingredient; the crucial element.

3. The inherent, unchanging nature of a thing or class of things.

4.  An extract that has the fundamental properties of a substance in concentrated form.

5. One that has or shows an abundance of a quality as if highly concentrated: a neighbour who is the essence of hospitality.

6. Something that exists, especially a spiritual or incorporeal entity.

(The definition above is extracted from 


So the next time you are looking for a practical self healing, consider essences for all your needs. Taking a single essence for targeted specific healing or a combination for a range of healing issues is simple.  A practitioner at prescribe the right essence(s) or you may decide to do it for yourself so look at


Author; Nevine Z Rottinger

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