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Article - Essences & relationships

Essences to help support your relationships

Relationships can bring such enormous enrichment and joy into our lives. Yet there are times where they may also present us not only with major challenges but can indeed become burdens for us.

As an energy healer, intuitive counsellor and essence therapist over twenty odd years, I am aware that the solution to even the simplest relationship issues, may require varied and multiple approaches. Yet time after time I have been delighted to find that using vibrational essences such as 'Essence of the Goddess' and 'Akhbaka' (Elixirs of Masculine Power), literally fast-track clients' success in this area.

If ever you would like an easy and effective form of support in the area of relationships then consider using some of the essences or elixirs mentioned below. They can be used singularly or in combination. So for example, say there are a lot of arguments occurring in one of your relationships and everyone is getting angry and finding it hard to move on afterwards. You could use a combination of Ghandi (for peace), Pele (for anger management) and Anubis (to help everyone move on). Sometimes all those involved need to take the essences or elixirs for success.

List of Essences and elixirs which are the most supportive during some typical relationship situations

Break-up; Aphrodite, Ix Chel, Anubis, Isis, Baldur, Adam

Commitment; Hera, Aphrodite, Psyche, Eros

Betrayal; Osiris, Isis, Mary

Dating; Venus, Bast, Eros, Lancelot, Ishtar

Communication; Rhiannon, High priestess, Thoth

Change and growth; Changing woman, Ix Chel, Osiris, Anubis, Hera, Adam

Dissatisfaction; Spider woman, Nephthys, Aphrodite, Isis, Ix Chel, Venus, Lancelot, Osiris, Lucifer

Arguments; Ghandi, Pele, Thoth, Rhiannon, Nephthys, Anubis

Shyness; Hel, Hades, Ishtar, Nepthys

Intimacy; Psyche, Eros, Spider woman, Baldur, Kalates, Hel, Persephone

Sexuality; Lilith, Persephone, Pan, Lancelot, Eros, Dionysus

Abandonment; Isis, Morgan le Fey, Nephthys

Balance and Clarity; High priestess, Thoth

Recurring issues; Osiris, Hera, High Priestess, Isis, Morgan le Fey, Cleopatra